Fill in the Blanket

Story Sent in by Lillian:

Joe and I had been out on one date already, and on our next date he and I were to dine at an Indian place in a shopping center. However, before going inside the restaurant, he asked me if I'd join him for just a moment as he ran into an adjoining Target.

Seeing no harm in that, I went inside with him and accompanied him to the bedding section, where he looked up and down the aisles at the comforters.

"I need a new one for my bed," he explained, "The one I have is torn up."

We looked at their rather small selection and he took his time, squeezing and holding up the blankets as if selecting a Thanksgiving roast. He pointed to one and asked me, "Think this one will look good on my bed?"

"Sure," I replied, not knowing what his bed looked like.

After another couple of minutes, he grabbed one, paid for it, put it in his car, and off we went to dinner.

In the middle of dinner, not long after our food had been delivered to the table, we were talking about something I can't remember when all of a sudden, he stood up and said, "I must return that blanket."

He left me there without another word. While he was gone, I finished my dinner, and the waiter had taken my plate away before Joe came back. When he did come back, he asked, "Where's your dinner?"

I replied, "I ate it. You all set with the blanket, now?"

He said, "Yeah. I returned it, no problem."

We split the check. Right afterward, he said, "Would you believe I've changed my mind about the blanket again? Now I want it back."

We went back into Target, he selected a duplicate of the blanket he had returned, paid for it, then put it into his car. He then asked me, "How about you?"

"How about me, what?"

"Do you need a blanket?"


"Never mind, then."

He slipped into his car and drove off. And that was the last I saw of him.


  1. Blanket was a metaphor for the OP. You missed out OP...not.

  2. Sounds like Joe was hoping the OP would suggest going with him back to his place to check out his bed... in more ways than one.

    1. If he wanted her to check out his bed, he could have bought her dinner at the very least.


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