The Master at Work

Story Sent in by Josephine:

Todd and I spoke for a bit less than a week before he invited me out to dinner at one of my favorite local bistros. I arrived first and sat at a table to wait for him.

I didn't have long to wait. Not two minutes later, he ran in, and I couldn't help but notice instantly that his t-shirt and jeans were on backwards. He slammed his hands on the table before me and leaned over it. His eyes were bloodshot. He said, "I have 20 minutes to live."

The first thing I could think of to say was, "That sucks."

He breathed close and said, "We've gotta have sex now or never."

I nodded. "Indeed we do. Where should we do it?"

He licked his lips and stared, as if not anticipating such a positive reaction. He looked around, under the table, and across the restaurant. "The bathroom," he said, "There's probably a lock on the door. I'm really sorry about this."

"It's okay!" I said with a smile, "Meet me in there, naked. We shouldn't go in together or they'll suspect something."

He obviously suspected something. "How do I know you'll follow me in there?"

I leaned close to him and said, "I cannot wait to have my mouth all over your body."

He grinned, nodded quickly, and made for the bathroom, already fiddling with his pants.

I left.


  1. OP, there are two types of women in this world: sluts and teases.

    I think we know which one you are.

    BTW, I wish they had a special font I could use for when I'm obviously trolling...

  2. OP sounds too smooth to be true...I'm calling fake-ish.

  3. Love it. Hopefully he didn't use up all of his last remaining 18 or so minutes waiting ;-)

  4. If the OP wanted to be extra mean she should have told a passing waiter of her concern about there being a naked man hanging out in the bathroom.


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