Die Mounds and Rust

Story Sent in by Steven:

Christine, who was in grad school for business, and I spoke online for a week before meeting in person. I asked her out to dinner, and we met in a restaurant's vestibule.

As she walked in, she munched on a Mounds bar and stuffed it into her purse. I said, "Mounds? Yum."

She smiled and said, "It's a habit that needs to die." She hugged me, then asked, "Do you have your car here?"

"I drove here. Do you need a ride or something?"

She asked, "Can I take a look at it? It's just a thing I have. It won't take more than a second."

Strange sort of thing to have, but I led her to my car, which was parked in a metered lot across the street.

She walked around it and stared at a small patch of rust just over the rear, passenger-side wheel. "Rust!" she said.

I nodded in agreement. She extended a hand to me and said, "Okay, well it was nice meeting you."

I didn't take her hand. "What's this? You're upset about rust on my car?"

"Among other things."

"What other things?"

She took her hand away, shouldered her purse, said, "Just goodnight," and left me standing there. Best I can figure, she thought that rust on my car made her think that I was a "lower class" sort of guy. What do you think?


  1. What i think is that you are much better off without her

  2. I hate to say it, but she probably didn't find you attractive to her in person.

  3. She didn't like the way you looked and was aiming to find anything else she could use as an excuse. Either that or it was a dare.

  4. A bit of rust shows you are not an ostentatious person. Either that or she has not been gotten her tetanus shot yet.

  5. She's a "performance artist," and you, her unwitting foil.

  6. "In grad school for business" are the key words here. Your car's rust showed that you were not likely to be a profitable acquisition.

  7. She's a shallow witch-with-a-B and the OP dodged a serious bullet here. Good riddance to bad rubbish

  8. She didn't like how you looked, and wanted to see if you would be a good sugar daddy, cuz you know , for women, looks arent all that important

  9. I'm going to echo the sentiments of everyone here and say Gold Diggers for $1000, Alex.

  10. Seems to me like people are missing the obvious on this one. If she were planning on eating dinner with Steven, Christine would not have been eating a Mounds bar when he walked up. She was going to blow you off regardless of what your car looked like, buddy.


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