But We Can Still Hook Up if You Want

Email Sent in by Nora:

(Nora says: "There's a bit of a story here. About 3 years ago I went on three dates with a slightly younger man of a different race and religion than I am. The only reason this is important is I was shocked to get such a bigoted, close-minded message from someone open enough to do that. Anyway the third date didn't end well and I broke off contact. This came three months later.")


  1. Since you went on three dates with this guy, I'm going to assume you know his full name. So now here's what you do: buy the URL of his full name (www.firstnamelastname.com) and create a website with any pictures you might have of him, any date stories you have of him, and this email that he sent you. Make sure you use good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so that whenever an employer/future date/his mother Googles him, this is what turns up.

    The only reason that people think they can get away with this shit is because they hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Except that this guy is a fucktard, because he isn't anonymous.

    Then, please, feel free to post the URL on this forum.

  2. Someone needs some spelling and grammar lessons.

  3. This is more than a sketchy e-mail, this deserves to be listed under "turds from the space station". This guy and his "friend" are truly vile and mind-numbingly stupid.

  4. What an ass. These are the same people who don't vote for marriage equity.

  5. It sounds as though this guy has a hard on for his friend Jason.

  6. So... to sum it up
    1. You apparently have both a huge and no ass.
    2. He is so homophobic, you can't help but to think he has some gay tendencies himself. You are probably right.
    3. Punctuation? His comma malfunctioned. As well as his brain.

  7. This is a little horrifying! He's mean, bigoted, stupid...and judging by his chaotic train of thought, maybe psychotic! Good thing you saw it early on-I hope other women he dates are as fortunate (and if they go on even one date with him, haven't they suffered enough?)

  8. I had the same thought! If you're going to be a hater, please be a CONSISTENT hater!


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