Beer Factor

Story Sent in by Tricia:

On our first date, Keith, a 24-year-old, took me out to a bar with a front-facing patio, right on the street. We sat down with our drinks at the table, and not two minutes later, a group of loud frat guys arrived and sat next to us.

They ordered beer after beer, chanted, "Drink! Drink! Drink!" over and over, and overall made it impossible for Keith and I to carry on a conversation.

I shouted to him, over the din, "Want to move?"

He took a few big gulps of his beer, wiped his mouth, and said, "Reminds me of college, woo hoo!"

He stood up, nearly knocking his chair to the ground, left me at the table, and actually joined the frat guys at their merrymaking.

He said, "I bet I can drink any of you bastards under the table!"

They laughed. Some of them shouted, "Drink! Drink! Drink!" and they poured him a beer from a pitcher. He downed it at once, and they refilled it. "Drink! Drink! Drink!"

Did he think I'd be impressed? I watched a couple of minutes of this before I took his arm and said, "Come on, Keith. Let's go."

"Have some beer!" he slurred to me, handing me a full plastic cup, spilling it all over my blouse. He and his new frat buddies laughed. He turned to them and said, "Whoops! Guess I'm not getting any tonight!"

They all laughed again. One or two shouted, "Drink! Drink!" into their suds.

I was sopping wet and had to go. But first, I replied to him, "You're getting something," and upended the nearby beer pitcher, which was only about half-full, onto his head.

I slammed it back on the table and hurried off before I could even see his reaction, although the aghast "Oh!" that went up from his buddies at the table made his likely reaction clear enough.

He didn't follow me, I made it home, cleaned myself up, and went to bed. I wasn't getting any either, that night, but at least I likely went to sleep a bit more satisfied than he did.


  1. OP said that Keith was 24. How old are you OP? Six?

    Real classy.

  2. SERIOUSLY?! I'm not saying he wasn't immature, but the adult response would be to just leave (possibly after some angry words). Pouring a pitcher on his head is childish. Its not something to brag about. It's a sign of immaturity.

  3. Way to be an adult OP.
    You just made yourself look childish and it probably didn't ruin his time. He was on his way to being drunk anyway. It probably made the Frat guys rally in his favour ("Man, women be crazy") so you probably helped him to make new friends.

  4. You know what, sometimes you just want to pour a pitcher of beer on someone treating you like crap, and that is okay. Congrats on not being demure and passive in the face of someone acting like a chump.

  5. Im with the Tricia as well. Obviously the guy was a jerk and deserved what he got. So maybe it was a childish behaviour. No point being angry at him as the first random letters and numbers poster said. It wouldnt register to the drunks. So why not make herself feel good? Pointless but its not like she was going out with him again.

  6. Numbers: The standard calling him a jerk and walking off is not demure and passive. Passive would be standing there and doing nothing. Telling him off and walking away is realizing he's not worth it and moving on. Dumping a pitcher on a guy however is a sign of being childish or immature. It shows that he got to her and that she feels like she has to prove herself my making a show out of it.

    Think about it like this. Imagine a guy poured a half a pint of beer on a girl. For example, we've had stories where a girl got to drunk and went off ignoring the date for another guy. That didn't do that. How would you react there?

    Mia: I think our point is that its called childish for a reason. Its not a healthy response. Its an ego driven reaction that makes her come across as crazy.

  7. Well we do have double standards whether we like it or not. If a guy would do that to a girl he would be a major jerk. But then the girl would be called a slut.

    My point was that what she did made her feel good. If just going away made her feel good, she would have done that. Anw we are civilized enough to agree to disagree i think.

    PS. Your nick isnt hex code is it?

  8. Pouring beer over someones head to me, is inmature regardless what the other person did or had done. (Female doing it to a male or vice versa...) If you don't like a situation, remove yourself from it ... plain and simple. If I was out for dinner and my date did what Keith did, I would have simply left the resturant... just saying.

  9. Am I the only one who read that he poured beer on her first?

  10. Connie: I think so. She wrote that he accidentally spilled beer on her as he was trying to pass her a cup.

  11. I agree with Mia. There's nothing wrong with looking for a little satisfaction in the situation. Plus, telling someone off is not always the best way to get through to them - it's just as likely to get you labeled crazy. Doing something drastic that is, I might add, totally harmless, might be more likely to get through to him. That isn't necessarily a selfish action or a situation where she is trying to prove herself. She may have just felt like it and thought he might notice that better than yelling at him - she'd already tried talking reasonably. Again, props to her for avoiding the fear of being labeled "crazy" and doing what she wanted.

    1. It depends what you mean by "tell off". I was picturing "you are being an asshole/rude. I'm leaving." and walking away. If she is yelling at him crazily, she would look crazy because he was unaffected. But here is the real issue.

      She was pouring it on him to get him angry or get him to care. The mature answer would be speaking up ("you are being an asshole/rude. I'm leaving.")and just leaving because it shows you don't care about him. Its like how some guys think being "brave"or "being a man" means escalating fights (to defend their ego) rather than laughing at the guy and walking away. Is the guy who satisfies his ego really more of a man.

    2. ** Is the guy who satisfies his ego really the winner?

  12. Also, I think it is funny that throughout these posts people have called the adult response displaying anger. It isn't AT ALL clear to me that this is true.

  13. Hmm... this whole story kind of reeks to me.


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