Truth or Chair

Story Sent in by Amalia:

Rob and I were walking through a city park on our first date together. There was a hanging chair swing, big enough for two or three, hanging near a playground.

"Go sit on it," he said, "I'll push you."

I sat down, and he pushed me. It was relaxing and fun at first, but then he pushed me harder and faster and higher. It reached the point where he was shoving at the swing.

I said, "I don't have to go this high. Slow down."

He then grabbed the seat and shook it, as if he wanted nothing more than for me to be off of it. He jerked me back and forth until I jumped off, and then he sat down.

"At last, it's my turn," he said, "You gonna push me or what?"

I pushed him gently at first. Then, he said, "Push me, you know, like you mean it. Not like a twat."

I shoved the chair. He yelled and fell off, onto his face, then screamed.

It seemed to me like he was pretending, but when he didn't stop screaming, I approached him and asked if he was okay. He didn't answer me, except to squirm around on the ground. He didn't appear to be cut or bruised anywhere. I told him, "I'll go get help. Be right back."

I forgot to go back. Oops.


  1. I'm reasonable sure that this "bad date story" is actually the OP confessing to a criminal act.

  2. sounds exaggerated to me.

  3. Seems legit to me. No jury in the world...


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