Times of Loads

Story Sent in by Corinne:

I was out to dinner on a first date with Harvey when he asked me if I liked to Skype. I told him that I did. He seemed to like that and asked me all about the sorts of things I did on Skype: who I spoke to, how often I used it, if I had ever performed any wacky dares over it...

Eventually, he launched into a talk about his past girlfriend, and how they had been running a long-distance relationship while she was away at college. He asked me if I'd be comfortable performing sexual acts over Skype.

I asked, "How do you propose to do that?"

He replied, "It's easy: you put your open mouth right up to the camera, I put my dick right up against the camera on my end, and we just lightly rock back and forth, like you're really giving me a blow job."

I asked, "And you've done this?"

"Loads of times. Holy God, you should see my computer screen. I had to wash it, like, six times a week."


He wrinkled his face. "Can you think of a better way to get long-distance blow jobs?"

"Aside from not having a long-distance relationship? I guess not."

First and only date.


  1. Well, as creepy as that is, he allegedly found someone to do it with him six times a week...

    Personally, I'd invest in a clear vinyl dropcloth to go over my monitor...

  2. I'd prefer some warm lube and a washcloth to simulated bj's..
    or a really sharp cheese grater.

  3. meh... i would venture that with all the video chat technology today, that anyone who has not done anything even slightly sexual for the camera would be far into the minority.

    So other than a little "First Date, TMI" there's not much of a story here.

    Move along.

  4. Wait. He did it six times just the week before. Is he still involved with the ex girlfriend? Something is strange with that. But besides that, he shouldn't be talking that much about sex on a first date.


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