Something Extincts

Story Sent in by Marie:

Al and I had dinner out for our first date. He said that he had something to show me, after we were done eating.

Once dinner was over, he led me to his car and opened his trunk. Inside, among other things, was a metal trash can with a colorful dinosaur scene upon it. He said. "When my friend died, he left me this. You want it?"

I replied, "No thank you. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, though."

Al gave me an ugly frown. "I just told you, basically, that this thing is like the most sentimental object in the world to me, and I offered to give it to you, and that's all I get? Not even a hug?"

"Um, I'll give you a hug if you want—"

"The last two girls I took out practically humped my leg after I told them that story."

I glanced at his leg. I didn't want to hump it, or really anything of his. Before I could reply, he threw the trash can back into his trunk, closed it, muttered, "Have a good life as a a nun, sweetheart," and drove away.


  1. ... and he rode into the sunset.

  2. One man's treasure is another man's trash can.

  3. what a nun right! not even wanting to hump a strange guys leg!... some women..

  4. He and his dead friend sound like real winners.*

    *I seriously doubt he has any friends.

  5. Did those 2 girls also pee on the trash can?

  6. Wait. Does that mean that he didn't give the trashcan to either of the other two girls. He just offered it to them and didn't give it to them? What?

  7. I'm picturing Allen from The Hangover.


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