The Wettening

Story Sent in by Russell:

Maura and I made plans to go out on another date together, after a couple of good times out. That Saturday, she was running in a 5K and, as the finish line was near my house, she dropped off some clothes at my place, then came over to shower after the race, with the expectation that we would go out afterward.

She was taking a long time to shower in my upstairs bathroom, but I was watching TV and lost track of the time. That was, until I heard the sound of water, pitter-pattering in my kitchen. I stood to investigate, and found water pouring through the kitchen ceiling, soaking everything: the cabinets, the floor, the sink, the walls.

"Maura!" I called for her and ran upstairs.

The upstairs carpet and hallway were soaked through. Not everywhere, but in the area around the bathroom, especially. I knocked on the bathroom door and called for her.

"Yeah?" she asked as if nothing was wrong, "What's up?"

"We've got a flood going on here. Turn off the water!"

Water poured out from under the bathroom door. What was she doing in there? She said, "Sorry. I take long showers. Everything all right?"

I said, "It's soaking wet out here, and my kitchen is flooded!"

A hesitation, then, "Oh. Whoops! Hang on. Can I borrow your robe?"

She had let the tub fill and overflow. We spent the rest of the evening bailing out the tub, drying things, and toweling things off. She apologized over and over. "I swear, I just wasn't thinking," and so on. I asked her how she couldn't notice that the tub was overflowing during a shower. She didn't have a satisfactory answer for that.

We ended up ordering in and falling asleep on the couch. We dated for a little while longer after that, and we're friends now. I was never really able to make it over the fact that she just didn't see that the tub overflowed. A wet date, I guess, isn't always indicative of a good time.


  1. If the title is a play on "the shining" then I love it.

    1. Sounds more like "quickening", which is kind of... odd. I don't think anyone got any power out of this episode...

    2. I took it as a parody of The Happening.

  2. She sounds either incredibly self-centered and thoughtless, or incredibly dumb. Either way, immediate interest killer.

  3. I reckon she was going through his drawers in his bedroom or something, and couldn't admit it

  4. Why on earth would he keep on dating her after that flaky episode? Some people will put up with anything...

  5. Well someone's a Maura-on.


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