That Blasted Restaurant

Story Sent in by Meredith:

Paul told me that he made reservations for the two of us at a very ritzy hotel restaurant for our first date. We met in the lobby, and he looked great.

He kissed me on the cheek, said, "You look beautiful," to me, and we walked to the restaurant.

The host gave us a smile as we approached. "Good evening," he said, "Do you have a reservation?"

Paul replied, "Yes. Should be under... John." He winked at me.

The host said, "John who?"

Paul frowned, became a bit flustered, and replied, "John... uh... John."

"John John?" the host said, "Let me see here..." He searched through his reservation book and said, "I don't have a reservation under that name, sir."

Paul said, "Try Jack."

"Jack who?"

"Jack... John." Paul flashed me a smile, but I didn't smile back.

"I'm sorry, sir. Nothing under Jack John. Are you sure you made a reservation with us?"

Paul said to the host, "I'm going to use fertilizer to blow you up!" then said to me, "Come on. We have a fertilizer errand to run."

He stormed away and I followed him. He muttered to me, "I called you beautiful, so you have to help me, now."

I asked, "Uh, what's your plan?"

He replied, "I'm going to blow up that place. With fertilizer."

I said, "Maybe we could have dinner, first? I'm sure we can find another place. I thought you made reservations there, though."

He replied, "I don't have to make reservations," then turned back around and headed for the restaurant again. I followed him once more, but a few extra steps behind.

This time, he said to the host, "I need no reservation."

The host said, "We're booked solid for tonight, sir. I'm afraid if you don't have a reservation, there's nothing I can do."

Paul once again said, "Fine. I will blow you up. With fertilizer."

He spun and walked past me, saying, "Come with me, Meredith. We'll go get fertilizer together."

I walked alongside him and said, "I think we should just do dinner somewhere else, but if you're planning to blow this place up, then you can go ahead and do that while I go get dinner, myself." I was disappointed that I had gone through the trouble to look nice for him, but in retrospect, I'm glad that he showed me who he really was so soon.

Paul stopped walking and said, "Okay. I'm going to Home Depot to get fertilizer. Once I'm done blowing this place up, I'll call you and you tell me where you're having dinner. I'll meet you there."

"Sounds good."

Paul and I went our separate ways. However, as we had met, spoken, and made all plans for the date online, he didn't have my number, so he never called. He also never wrote me, and as far as I know, never blew up that nice hotel restaurant.


  1. What sort of loser doesn't make a reservation, and thinks he doesn't need one...?

  2. He's acting a fool, threatened to blow up the place not once but twice to the host. He's being the complete opposite of a gentleman towards you and you're still following him around like a puppy and your only concern is dinner? You glutton. And even after all that you were still hoping he would call you but then it dawned on you that he doesn't have your number and never emailed. Why were you sitting around waiting for him to contact you? You both are something else, I tell ya.

    1. I don't believe the OP was hoping he would call, just merely giving us further proof of this guy's distance from reality (he doesn't realize he doesn't have her number, etc.). I didn't get a true sense of pining, as this did end up on ABCofD.

  3. Paul's a nutjob.

    OP's way too patient and naive. I would've walked off after the utterly embarrassing Jack/John fiasco. Now, I can understand giving someone a second chance, but come on. If said someone threatens to blow up a restaurant with fertilizer, you don't follow them around calmly... you hightail it out of there and call the cops!

  4. I think we're going to see a lot more stories like this as the "me-first" generation reaches dating age, with their perverse sense of entitlement. Apparently, everyone has to make a reservation at that restaurant EXCEPT Paul. He doesn't need one. He doesn't even have to be truthful to OP about it.

  5. Steve, come on. The "me-first generation" has been of dating age for a long time and is not exclusive to the one younger than you.

  6. In less than 2 minutes this guy proved himself to be violent, unstable, and a liar. OP, what exactly was your logic behind following him?!?!

  7. "I'm afraid if you don't have a reservation, there's nothing I can do."

    I'm reminded of the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy (pretending to be a ticket collector) punches a Nazi in the face, throws him off the blimp, and then says loudly to everybody else "NO TICKET!" Man, it would have been awesome if OPs date had ended that way instead.

    1. Oh Em Geez! Wolfie DARES to call a (rigid) Zeppelin a (non-rigid) blimp! Everyone, mock him! Ostracize him!

      Anyone? No one? No lighter-than-air aircraft aficionados in here? Well, crap...

  8. They didn't have a table for Abe Fromam?

  9. I've always wanted to pull something like that scene from FBDO. Never got the chance. Maybe when I'm in Chicago on business next month...

  10. "me-first" generation... snap*

  11. "me-first" generation... snap*

  12. This guy clearly proved to be a psycho nut case and here she is, following him around and even suggesting to go have dinner somewhere else...Jeez! After reading many stories on here, I can't help but wonder about those people who put up with such nonsense...It's either desperation and/or stupidity. I just don't understand how one can stay with such losers. On a date, if something is not right, lied about looks/age or whatever else, I'm so out of there and fast;). I don't waste my time. A man saying he wants to blow the place up with fertilizer is way more than enough for me to get away and now!!!!


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