Just Don't Wash Your Hands in It

Email Sent in by Reggie:

I had a plumber come the other day to fix my sink. He made the job worse and made toilet water bubble up into the sink and then he threw his hammer at the window (it didn't break!)! I refused to pay him and he got angry but that's the kind of girl I am I stand my ground.

No regrets is my motto. I see on your prof. that you're into local history. That's cool. Have you discovered anything I've heard about? Also you say you like doing art for posters. What posters did you make that I've seen?

It's been nice to poop in my sink since that's closer to the comfy zone but still I don't know how much longer my sink will be broken. Haha.



  1. The season of "some regrets" will likely soon be upon you.

  2. and if I turn the water on all the way, it acts like a bidet!


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