Why Are the Windows Barred in Your Profile Photos?

Email Sent in by Henry:

Hihi Henry ho!

I am so glad you wrote me. Normally I ignore every message I get but yours shouted out to me somehow I wonder why??? ;)

I've had a strange dating life probably strange than most! What are you doing for Valentines day! I will be busy on that day coming up soon.

So you. Your profile says you teach martial arts. Hi-ya! I know karate! Karate chop! Ever karate chop a guy to death? That would make you a killer and I don't date killers, murderer.

Don't write me back evil vicious killer,


  1. And you are on a dating side because....?

  2. "I feel honored that you decided to break with your pattern of ignoring messages, but I kinda wish you hadn't."

  3. *giggles*
    She called him a "ho."

  4. Somehow I think her strange dating life is her own fault..


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