Too Much Sun

Profile Sent in by Harry:

The six things I couldn't live without:

Hmmmm let's see. Blueberries, worker bees, having a good day, minding my own business when who comes into the chat room but lemontree! LEMONTREE! No one else is worth a whit but her! We don't even talk about Dallas in here anymore, and the new series is on and yet Lemontree gets every guy talking to her over the virtual campfire. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but all things are equal online, I'm just as nice as she is and yet no one says more than a barely whispered hello to me when Lemontree waltzes in. That is what I mean when I say I can live without anything but I must know Lemontree's secret. She is a ho in real life. Must be, a girl that popular. I will find out.

Other things I can't live without? Uuuuuuh.... beer?


  1. Internet wangst is the best kind of wangst. <3

    1. When did it become to let the crazy spill out of you totally uncontrolled like this? (like "wangst" btw)


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