I See Where This Is Going

Profile Sent in by Angela:

The six things I could never do without:

My van
The Olsen twins (now that they're of age)
My shack out in the country


  1. Intriguing... what kind of pasta?

  2. Oh look, another perfect post for a serial killer (or just creepy feeder fetish?) tag!

  3. I'll bring the leather straps and ball gag! YEEEHAW!

  4. It isn't what you think. This guy is planning an intervention, he wants to make those girls finally eat something. That's what the pasta is for.

    Or else he just wants the carbs for energy before he starts the back nine...

  5. Oh, you are just so clever! Nobody has ever put five things that constitute some sort of crime and one thing that makes no sense in context in their list of the six things they could never do without! NEVER. EVER. You are soooooooooo unique and funny! You'd put Oscar Fucking Wilde to shame with your keen wit!

    1. Yeah, it cracks me up when people display such amazing wit on the Internet. You know, the one place where even a brain dead zombie can make himself pass off as a normal human being.

    2. Not only zombies, but also extinct reptiles, or even a Spanish donut. Zing!


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