Why I Found a New Route

Email Sent in by Nika:

I can't believe that I found you on here. I see you every day. I work on the second floor in the office of a department store and you walk past on the sidewalk just outside. I like your beige coat. I like it more in the summer when you walk by and I can see your midriff.

My request is that you wear more midriff revealing clothes once the summer comes. It would be nice if we could meet. I will be very nice to you. I will.



  1. Walking around downtown with your midriff hanging out? Sounds classy! Dress like a lady, and maybe you wouldn't be such creep-bait!

  2. Darn right! She was askin' for it!

    1. Completely off topic from this story, but can we perhaps have a standing thread in the forum of something for discussion of the poll o' the week? I've wanted it before, but now I feel the urge to rant.

  3. From the "Revenge of the Nerds" school of online dating.

  4. Oh, and this one could have been a cheery story if he could have only turned off the creepiness.

    Pity, now he's doomed to be single and not breed. A win for humanity in my book.


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