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My most prized possessions are my books. Not my gadgets, not my childhood toys, not baseball cards. Books are magic. I believe that with every sense of the word.

Just the other day I was reading one of my national geographic books and read about the rhino. They have horns sticking out of their nose and not the musical kind! These horns are made of tightly packed hairs. Try to pack your own hairs together as tight as you might but it won't get that tight.

Speaking of hairs, pubic hair is really gross to have caught in your throat. I speak from experience if you know what I mean. Do you think rhinos have pubic hair or do you think they have lots of little pubic horns as a result of their hair being so tightly packed into their nose horn? These are the things I think about and about rhinos going down on each other. Books are magic.


  1. Books are magic. They are magic, just like this fairy dust that I smoke before I write. Fairy dust is the gift of the angels. It's...it's angel dust! Yay!


  2. Dear Princess Celestia, I'm so alone

  3. Science demands an answer!


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