She Has the Nicest Toilet I've Ever Seen

Profile Sent in by Rianne:

About me:

As a woodworker, I will enrich your life with wood. Wood contrary to popular belief is not as flammable as metal and stone lovers will have you think. It is there for all of us to use and nature keeps growing more. There is no more metal or stone being born. Only wood. Limitless!

I urge you to test me on anything. There mustn't be a doubt about it.

For a former girlfriend she made a joke that she wanted a wooden throne for her birthday and I made her a wooden throne! She still has it and sits in it and still thinks of me fondly when she uses it. At least I hope she does!



  1. I once made the mistake of laughing too quietly and too quickly for the boss. Never again.

  2. I was diggin' his vibe, until the last sentence-thingy. My head hurts trying to make sense of it.

  3. ^ This story did give me a WOODY....does that help Claire (and Nikki)?

  4. No more stone? He clearly does not understand how magma and tectonic plates work.


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