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Story Sent in by Dona:

It was early on my first date with online find Louis. We were at a nice neighborhood restaurant, and we both ordered glasses of wine. Once they were delivered to the table, he drank his down in under a minute, then stood up with his wine glass and excused himself.

He returned about two minutes later, his wine glass mysteriously full of white wine. He put it on the table with a grin and stared at it.

Confused, I asked, "What just happened?"

He pointed to his filled glass and said, "A science experiment."

I asked what I presumed to be the obvious. "You got more wine?"

He replied, "Not wine. Urine."

My face must have made a funny expression, because he looked at me and laughed hard. He then explained, "I filled the glass with urine. Looks like wine, I did it to see if I could stop myself from the habit of reaching for a drink put in front of me."

I asked, "Would you mind taking it off the table? I mean, it's urine."

He slid it away from me, closer to himself, but kept it on the table. He then asked, "You had a busy week, right? Tell me about it."

The rest of dinner went quickly, because I ensured that we ordered food fast, that I finished my meal in record time, and that we subsequently asked for the check as soon as possible. Once he had paid for both of us (I thanked him), we went our separate ways. Forever.


  1. Good for you. That was just weird

  2. Good thing his experiment only involved urine.
    The title (which was fantastic, by the way JMG) might be a SHARTdonnay

  3. i wouldn't have even stayed for dinner.

  4. So you stayed to have dinner with the guy who had peed in his own wine glass and brought it back to the table? How *is* dinner at the French Laundry? I mean, it must have been one of the greatest restaurants in the US, right? Because otherwise OH MY GOD WHY?

  5. I'm with Beth - I'm pretty sure when the glass of urine goes on the table, that's as good a moment as any to call it a night, especially if you already know you don't want to date the Mariner...

  6. OMG, this lady went on a date with Lloyd Christmas!

  7. I'm sad that appparently he did manage not to drink it. Such lost opportunities for humor!

  8. Wow, is OP the consumate dinner whore, or what? A guy disrespects you enough to display a glass of his urine in front of you (WTF??), and you STILL stay just to get a free dinner? How much was the check? That's precisely the value of your dignity/self worth.

    1. I was waiting for the dinner whore comment. And I agree. I'd be too disgusted to eat any kind of dinner anyway.

  9. I don't know why she stayed either


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