Never Mind the Rest of Us

Email Sent in by Kristen:


How have you been???? It has been so long since I have seen you! Remember when I took you hands and we danced togather in that park after dinner and we spun? Oh……

Maybe there is something that you forgot to tell me that night since I have not heard of you from that day to this. That is okay. I love you with all my heart and soul and all of the souls of others I have collected and I would like to release them into you. Into your ear or with the sweet mouth! Together can anything stop us! We will join hands and grow larger than the earth and turn grey of color and all shall tremble before us as we hold hands and look down with booming voices upon the earth! It will be as a toy! We can throw it to each other like a beach ball across the starfield of the solar system. Oops! It fell into the sun! Do not worry or burn your hands. I will pick it out and wash it clean so that it will be just the two of us!

Write me……



  1. I'd say this is a point in favor of not just ignoring people as a method of rejection.

  2. Sounds like Billy should be dating Galactus.

  3. Seriously? No one else has wanted to do this with a significant other?

  4. Not the ear one... cept maybe by accident...

  5. It is probably taken from Kipling's Just So Stories.


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