Why Most Dating Sites Don't Allow Attachments

Email Sent in by Jen:

haha in all of ur profile photos u are ur mouth is open. i spent last night photoshopping penisis over ur photos. where can i e-mail them to you!



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  2. Oh, like it's hard to find penis pictures on the internet.

    Besides, despite his horrible writing style the guy has a point. I can't stand multiple pics of someone with their mouth hanging open. Back in '02 I had a part time gig editing galleries of photos for a softcore adult site, and this one model CONSTANTLY had her mouth open. It was cute/sexy once or twice, but after a while she just looked kind of slow, possibly retarded... so now when I see a profile filled with pictures of someones mouth hanging open, I automatically think there is something wrong with them.

    But I guess it's better than duckface.

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  4. http://badcontrol.com/humor/does-this-girl-ever-close-her-mouth/

    SFW I promise

  5. Errr, yeah the ads towards the bottom of that page were most definitely NSFW.

    Funny though.

  6. Sorry I have an adblock extension to Firefox so those ads don't show up for me.

  7. Lol, the only thing I could think of while looking at the link was Domokun...


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