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Email Sent in by Floyd:

Hello Floyd. Are you pink? You must get that a lot LOL.

I love going to concerts!!! Can I just say that up front. Specially when the guy pays LOL. I went to a concert last year, told the guy I'd split it, then when he forgot to collect I got to go 4 free!!! Hahahaha maybe mean but gotta love me!

I write a lot in my spare time and your profile says that you do too. What do you write? I write about me mostly. When I'm bored I draw silly faces on ping pong balls and make them talk I write out plays for them. Did that for a college projet, got a b+. What can I say? ;0

There is an apple tree in my backyard that I talk to. Is that weird? LOL. At night I hear it laughing near my window. I have since I was a little girl. Living in the country and you have to kseep yourself occupied! I think I have a relative buried out back. My parents have never let me know.

Your profile says that you repaint computers. What colors do you repaint them???


(Floyd says, "My profile says that I REPAIR computers. Also, no, I'm not pink.")


  1. Sounds like someone has too much paint thinner in their meth...


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