Sorry, I Prefer Large Jalapeños

Profile Sent in by Toni:

About me:

I am the hellspawn of two stegasauri and a tar pit. Maybe you've read about me. I was on the cover of sixty magazines last month.

Seriously though I'm Amos and I am on this site to find a woman with whom to create hellspawn of my own. Before they grow hair to disrupt their smoothskin. Like fishes. Or litle jalapenos. Haha I laugh.

Most women I meet on this site don't know their asses from my asses. This presents a problem when it is washing time. If interested, let me know. I will read every email you send off to me.


  1. Rawr the Dinosaur, have we found you a prospective mate? He does say he's another dinosaur, after all...

  2. Pffft, I can do way better than that. That stegosaurus' tiny walnut brain is showing.

    Besides, I prefer human men. Or maybe just Zachary Quinto. Either way, somebody with a brain that I can't fit in the palm of my claw-hand.

  3. Silly Wolfie, stegasauri are herbivores, and Rawr is clearly a carnivore, unless her picture lies. I think we found her dinner.

  4. Trufax, Ankh Ascendant. Granted, sometimes the carnivores and herbivores get together, but generally the herbivores are just too fucking delicious to date.

    Although this guy, on the other hand, I would not want to eat him. I'm afraid his stupid might be contagious. D:


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