Run, Llama, Run

Email Sent in by Amelia:

Hey sweet baby girl:

I want to ride you like a llama from hell. Full speed across craggy mountaintops. You will not be allowed to fall. I'll give you wings like redbull. A flying bull riding a llama ha that will be us? Thoughts?



  1. Anyone else have dejavu of dane cook's comedy skit here? He prolly stopped j***ing off around the red bull part of his imagination

  2. as much as I'm against ignoring people's messages as a way of saying 'no', this might be an exception. "Block, delete, [submit to abcotd], forget".

  3. Llama llama duck.


    I have a picture I wanted to share too, but I have no idea how to do that XD

  4. Llamas are ALWAYS funny.

    I still don't approve of this email.


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