How Hot, Exactly?

Profile Sent in by Tim:

About me:

My favorite animal is the duck: it honks has feathers and tastes like a dream just like my ideal man haha ew.

Who really read sthese profile essays anyway? I can prob say anything here and if I'm hot then you'll write no matter what let us test this: I ham a homeopathic killer and I collect old tires and make mecha people out of them and ride them to my pilates class haha ew.


  1. "I ham a homeopathic killer."

    That is all.

  2. The title is correct... If she's hot enough, SOMEONE will date her, homeopathic tendencies aside...

  3. ^That's true, but probably not someone really literate. No matter what the pictures look like, attractiveness is inversely proportional to the number of missing commas and uncorrected typos. She's about a 3, now.


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