He Was Likely Recalled by the Aristocracy Cabinet

Email Sent in by Harry:

Hello there Harry.

Sorry it has taken me a while to respond. I was out of the country on a singing tour across western Europe! Oh it was wonderful! How have you been?

I have a funny story: I met a guy while I was outside of Paris, he spoke great English and he said that he was a member of the aristocracy cabinet! He did all sorts of foreign affairs stuff. He took me around and spent a lot of money on me so when he asked me to I slept with him and when I woke the next morning he was gone!

Now I did my homework on him and I could not find him online anywhere. You told me that you have an aunt who works at the UN so I was hoping that you could maybe help me find him??? His name is Jacques Owen. It's as if he doesn't exist and I would love to see him again! I would travel just to see him once more (he said he loved me and mentioned marriage but I don't know if he is serious- important that I reach him) Just to laugh over old times. Thanks muchly!!!


(Harry says, "Rose and I had spoken a few times over email three years prior. She stopped messaging me, and I had forgotten all about her until this message. I do have an aunt at the U.N., but for some reason or another, I lacked the motivation to help Rose in this endeavor.")


  1. France does not have a present-day aristocracy. But anyhow, who would believe that a grown-up jaded American girl would fall for the romantic fantasy of a "prince" in a foreign land who proposes her marriage? And to top it all off he left her in the morning and she is still looking for him?

    Do you guys think she would trust the Nigerian Prince who is looking to transfer his 20 Million Dollars and just so happens to need your help?

  2. I would really like to think that an adult couldn't possibly be that delusional, but my faith in humanity is withering a little.

  3. How selfish of you not contacting your aunt to help her find Jacques!

  4. Time is money. If Rose is willing to sleep with a man because he spends lots of money on her, then she should at LEAST offer to sleep with the man who spends lots of time tracking down the first man... that's just common sense! I mean, it's one thing to be a gold-digging whore, but when Rose expects the OP to do all this work for nothing, that's just insulting. What does she think he is, a socialist?


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