Has CERN Seen This?

Profile Sent in by Hank:

What I'm doing with my life:

I work at a regular old 9-5 lab but I'm starting a side business converting snores to energy. Sound is energy and because everyone snores, there's no way I can't turn energy into more energy at a cheap profit. Rough going now, sure, but I have it on good authority and a lot of physicists that this is possible with the right equipment. Saving up my nickels and dimes for the right equipment then!

So what I'm looking for in a potential mate would likely include someone who snores. That's good news finally for all of you snorers out there, the louder the better! I have access to sleep labs and I have permission to use them on my own projects for prestige purposes. If you snore, we already have something in common! (I snore too) so put your pride on the shelf and write me! If you don't snore, that's okay too as you can put me in touch with snorers probably.


  1. I really think this .....zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Looks like somebody totally crapped out on their CITI training if they think a dating site is a good way to get research subjects. Or dates? Both? In any case, super fail.

  3. Not everyone snores, I dont. If you're going to make sound into power why bother with snores when you could use say, a busy train station or shopping mall. So much more power!

  4. Surely this is a ruse. Anyone this serious about snoring would know not everyone snores and no one would ever give someone access to a sleep lab without professional credentials and certainly not to study turning snoring into energy.

    1. Maybe this person does have the credentials and is just a bit wacky.


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