Can't Conceive of Why He'd Disappear

Email Sent in by Raul:

I had a boyfriend but he disappeared! You kind of look like him - bald with a furface. Permit don't mind me ai"m ia little drunk tonight but you can't hold that against me….. my boyfriend disappeared!

We were walking along together and happy then we were in bed and then he wasn't in bed anymore and the apartment smelled like eggs or fartgas and whatever it was he was gone in a cloud of eggfartgas lol.

So…… know where my boyfriend went? I ask becuase you look like him and cook like him eggs. Do you even know how to cook eggs? He gone. Me sad. If you have seen he please let me know he owes me moneies!!



  1. Well, from watching Supernatural, I know that the smell of sulpher is indicative of demonic appearance. I got nothing on its relation to a DISappearance, though...

  2. The demon took my boyfriend! *said in an Australian accent for full effect.


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