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Email Sent in by Leena:

Hello Leena,

I went into nonprofit work when the mountaineering gig fell through the cracks lol. I love it to see results of my work on a daily basis and I'm proud of the kids (and young adults) I work with. I've been at lots of them in the area (and in San Fran) because I have some unconventional methods that work much faster than their regular ways of working with at-risk kids, but it's all about money, sadly.

At my last job we had one kid who would only communicate by barking like a dog. So instead of talking to him in english I would bark back at him. It reached out to him in ways that no one else could. My boss called me in to talk about it and I barked at her the whole time and I was put on shall we say "extended leave."

To really drive the point home (and out of solidarity with the poor kid), I went to her house that night (we were practically neighbors) with a bottle of gatorade and voided warm urine all over her steps and porch.

Ha ha ha… oh, she might have had video cameras, though…. it was still worth it, but there goes that reference, if you know what I mean.



  1. W - T - F - ?

    I thought he was going to say he saved this girl by "reaching out" to her by barking at her or whatever.

    But he goes on to say that he barked at his boss and got fired, then goes to the girl's house and pees on her porch? AND on top of all that, he's trying to use that to impress girls on a dating site?

    Wow, just wow.

  2. I read it to mean he pissed on the bosses porch.

  3. I had to re-read it a few times as I had originally come to the same conclusion as Tourist. But now I believe it was in fact his boss's house.

  4. oh, OK, yeah... my bad.

    I suppose that makes him SLIGHTLY less insane.

    OH, the boss was a she and the kid was a HE. That what I get for blasting through these stories while I'm supposed to be working...


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