Aside from Saying, "I Look Like Blanka," of Course

Email Sent in by Roshi:

HEllo. You have a funny profile. It made me seriously laugh out loud. I am Natalie, and I invite you to check out mine. No, I don't have any pics up (long story) but if you're curious then I look like Blanka from Street Fighter (redhead). After a few messages I may send you a pic. Again, sorry to be so secretish - long story involved! I also do my own electrical wiring work so again kind of like Blanka ha.

Things I like to eat are off my profile but it would seriously take a list longer than the time there is in the day. We exist and to continue existing we must eat ot survive. I do a lot of cooking.

Favorite: soccer team? Sport? How do you stay active? Ever gargle while jogging at the same time? I did it once to save time and it is seriously the funnyest thing I've ever done.



  1. So basically Natalie's opener for prospective dates is to tell them she looks like a hairy animalistic man from a video game? Daaaaamn... full points for honesty!

  2. So, uh, you gonna pile drive her like Zangief?

  3. Pffft she would've been way cooler if she were like Dhalsim. Then she could've reached all the shit on the high shelves that no one else can reach. Who doesn't want to be super useful?

  4. I like the image of a dinosaur reaching on its tiptoes for a jar of preserves.

  5. I have a big head and little arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through.

  6. ^Amazing movie. Saw it in the cheap theaters - we laughed more than the dozen kids sitting behind us.


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