America's Not Talent

Profile Sent in by Aimee:

I'm really good at:

I can throw farts. Similar to throwing your voice but with a fart in both smell and sound. I can make it smell and sound like anyone in a room farted. Great party joke.


  1. Nothing warms the heart like a Liptons Cup o' Fart.

  2. This must be a lie. Everyone knows the smell follows you like a puppy dog

  3. Internet Expert: you must know so much, being the repository of all human knowledge... or at least all the porn anyway. Question: is it a "lie" if the person's not all that bright to begin with, and they're absolutely convinced they can do it (even if you and I know they can't)?

  4. Of course it isn't, a lie implicates that they themselves know for a fact that what they are claiming is wrong.

    When they don't it's called "disillusioning" (the act of being disillusioned)


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