Statement or Threat?

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Who I'm looking for:

My favorite flowers are tulips, my favorite chocolates are from godiva and I looooooove Bobby Darin music. Just a few hints in case you decide to message me ;)

Of course you can be a cheap dweeb and not show up with any of that, but if you come to a date with me with all of those (it happened once) and that one time the guy became my boyfriend of four years. It doesn't take much for me to say no or yes and I just handed you a key. Just don't be psycho, please? Tulips, chocolate, Darin. Say it with me: tulips, chocolate, Darin! Tulips, chocolate, Darin! Tulips, chocolate, Darin!


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  2. ^Come on Howie, I know the "tulips" joke was obvious, but that was just plain predictable of you.

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  4. I'm hurt so I deleted my comments. hmph

  5. ...sorry? Guess I could have just said that I saw it coming?

  6. Say it with me: What, an entitled, dickbag! What, an entitled, dickbag!


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