Profile Sent in by Vivian:

What I'm doing with my life:

I'm an environmental lawyer, and have actually won judgments in some pretty big-ticket cases relating to logging companies and

As a personal confession, it's also a life goal of mine to discover how many anal beads a human ass can comfortably hold. I don't even mean for sex. I'm only curious.


  1. That seems like something he could figure out in an afternoon doesn't it?

  2. Now we'll forever wonder what other big ticket cases he won

  3. You'd think a lawyer (with all their "communication skills") would have a smoother way to transition into that topic. For example "I'm also interested in judging the environmental effects of anal beads."

  4. Generally speaking you could fit 239 beads comfortably...That's assuming the intestines are void of any fecal matter that may or may not contain nuts, raisins or corn.

  5. I'm sure there are websites out there that have already explored this idea thoroughly.


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