$0, if I Charge by the Inch

Email Sent in by Alison:

God your pictures are so beautiful they make me want to cry. You could seriously charge admission to people just to look at your pictures. How much do you think would be fair? I would say $5 per should be fair and if someone wants to meet you in person then you should charge $50.

You will not be allowed to charge me because I came up with the idea so I get a 100% discount. What is your shoe size? I have some that might fit you and you should let me try them on you free also.

You could also charge based on what you do. Go to dinner that's $20, go out to a movie that's $16, go down on a guy NO! As you said you will not charge me since I came up with the idea. Lifetime of free you know whats for me? Thank you for the offer we will wait and see. When is our free date.



  1. Nothing attracts a girl quite like suggesting she should be a discount escort...

  2. Gotta give him credit for... no.

  3. Well, Steve summed that one up fairly well.

  4. What's especially sad is I'll bet Nick was really pleased with himself when he came up with this.

  5. smooth operator, that one.

  6. Notice how all smooth-like he informed her about his foot fetish. You hardly see it in his detailed price list.

  7. Pimps and ho's game played in high school.


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