Well, Someone's Not Even Trying

Profile Sent in by Edward:

My self-summary:

Where to begin? I'll start at the end. I die someday. You should probably know that about me. No matter how much you say you love me, how much you try to stop it, I will die. We all have that in common. Death. Forever. You can't save me. You can't even save yourself. Don't even try.

That enough of a self-summary for you?

No? Here's a secret: one out of every five Americans use napkins as both napkins and tissues. It pisses me off. One is for noses. One is for food. Deal with it. Does anyone else have this problem?!>!


  1. From that delightfully descriptive summary, I feel like I've known her all my life...

  2. I can't believe that more people are frightened about "Pregnancy" or a "Nasty Divorce"over "Death" in our poll this month!
    ...maybe cuz I'm "Pro Choice"?

  3. Yes, but Howie, pregnancy isn't something that's going to happen to YOUR body.

  4. ^ True Agnes...but the girth of Howie has been known to cause it.

    Death if final
    Pregnancy is not.
    And a divorce is a way out...to fun-town!

  5. I think it's stupid to fear death itself because it's inevitable. It's going to happen whether you like it or not, so just accept it. In a way, I look forward to it. What happens after we die? The only way we know for sure is by dying.

    Now, fearing a slow and painful death is another story.

  6. Even if you're pro-choice pregnancy is scary. Abortions aren't free!

  7. @Hempress

    They are in Canada. I've known teenage girls that would use abortions as contraceptives. It sickens me.

  8. ^ True they are, fellow Canuck!

    How dare naive teenage girls get pregnant and decide not to keep that child. Nothing says good parenting like a child raising a child.

  9. Oh dear, Howie! You've spread the Feltersnatch seed?

  10. Nope, still more terrified of pregnancy. Abortion is not legal (except in the case of severe deformities, first three months) here.

  11. Also, pregnancy is a major medical condition. Even when it's wanted, it's still dangerous.

  12. I think that even as a man, or especially as a man there is much to fear from pregnancy. Even if abortions are legal and it is in the best interests of both parties there is always the chance that the woman can be overcome with hormones persuading her to protect the child. If she should decide to have the child even if the man does not want her to then the man would still be saddled with responsibility for it. It's a rare and crazy scenario, but it's those worst scenarios that are the most frightening.
    Death is ultimately finite and divorce seems so much less likely than pregnancy but a child (a born child)is a responsibility that you cannot undo.

  13. @Howie

    I wasn't being insensitive. I've known girls that would have sex without protection until they got pregnant, than go and get an abortion. They just didn't care.

  14. Ipdar, I think you're confusing fetuses (feti?) with Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Or Pod People. Whatever, all those movies are like SO OLD who cares? Anyway, women do still have brains, even when pregnancy hormones are present. It's not being "overcome with hormones" if someone decides that the best solution to an unintended pregnancy to keep the child. Life takes all of us places we didn't necessarily intend to go from the beginning. (Except death. As Baku pointed out, we all know where every journey ends.)


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