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Okay so the question on everyone's minds are…. where have all the waterbeds gone??? They were everywhere just a few years ago and now there are none left? They all pop?!?!?! I was conceived on a waterbed (bet you didn't know!) and since then I haven't found any?? If you have one you need to tell me and let me just come over to check it out. Nothing skeevy. Promise! I just want to be near a waterbed once more. Once I have seen it then we can do whatever.


  1. Sex on a waterbed sucks. Let's not get into how I know this.

  2. ^ ...your great-grandfather told you about the time he banged a Korean prisoner of war in the arse in a flooded bunky during the war?

  3. ^It was Andrew's grandpa, Howie. The Korean War wasn't all that long ago. I was there.

  4. Only waveless ones are any good.


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