Slumdog Millionaire

Profile Sent in by Hannah:

What I'm doing with my life:

NOTHING, BITCHES!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm milking the system for all it's worth!!! I got welfare, unemployment, and government grants packed so far up my ass that I shit 25 CARROT GOLD. One date with me and you'll be hooked on me like a crackhead on big white crackrock. I have statues in my house made of cocaine. Break them open and you will FIND THE COCAINE. THEN we can go to the bedroom surrounded by famous paintings! AND ALL INSIDE A TRAILER!!!!


  1. Because what what women really want are food stamps.

  2. Y'all please send your condolences to my boyfriend, because he is about to get dumped for this gem, nay, this CARROT of a man!

  3. Not only are his statues filled with cocaine, they are MADE ENTIRELY of cocaine. Amazing!


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