Romance Has a New Theme Song

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About me:

I used to weigh a lot! And now I way a little! BABABOOM BABABOOM BABABABABABABOOM!

I used to go to college. And now I work! BABABOOM BABABOOM BABABABABABABOOM!

I like meat! I don't like vegetables! BABABOOM BABABOOM BABABABABABABOOM!

You can't make me eat what I don't want! BABABOOM BABABOOM BABABABABABABOOM!

We can go visit celebrity houses together! BABABOOM BABABOOM BABABABABABABOOM!

There are 3 who live around here. I bet you didn't know that. Visiting celebrity houses is a hobby of mine and one that I'm ready to share with the right person. I'm not like a stalker or anything. We just drive by, maybe stop. I saw one of them once.

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  1. Are the celebrities frodo baggins, samwise gamgee, and gandalf the grey?


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