Perhaps He Is. Desperation's a Funny Thing.

Email Sent in by Cal:

Hay buddie buddie!

We are perhaps good to meet together. I am Wilson. I have production engineering. Tell me some about you I am interested! Such a good lady pretty lady some lady empty lady. Is this right? Answer.

My from in accident where my younger brother was hurt very badly last year. He was on a bike and I built him a new body so he could survive. After studies I moved to this city to be further away to you.

You are a window into my heart and can see it blasted across the void. The stars are my wishes and the sun is my bedroom love. You know what I mean? I am sorry I am sorry if I am too much. Carpet matches the drapes? Some saying!


(Cal says: "Not sure why I got this. I'm a guy, and he's clearly not into guys.")


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