Hall 'o Ween

Email Sent in by Sara:

Good day to you. I'm Craig. I'm a dentist-in-training and I love what I do.

Your profile says that you're into skiing. I've only gone twice, but I'd love to go again. Have you ever competed? Also, speaking of being computer tech support for your family and friends, I hear you. I'm the same exact way, for better or worse! I know next to nothing about computers, but next to nothing is more than nothing, as far as my circles are concerned!

Figure I should bring this up now since it inevitably does. I'm also an amateur art collector, and I collect art related to the male phallus. I have some older pieces (of archaeological interest) and some by modern artists. I'm not obsessed or weird or crazy, and I probably have one of the most extensive penis-based art collections in the country, if not beyond!

My prize possession, in case you want to know, is a helmet from India that's clearly meant to be a phallus. If I had a nickel for every time that I chased a girlfriend around while wearing it… and nothing else….

Oh, I digress. Yes, my penis collection is a sacred part of my home. If that doesn't frighten you away, then perhaps we can talk? Or at least let me chase you around a bit in my phallus helmet? I promise to remain fully clothed.



  1. Reminds me of something a friend mentioned to me the other day. Apparently there's a guy who paints with his penis. They call him "Prickasso". Not sure if his stuff is any good and I'm not interested enough to find out.

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  3. I know of an artist who puts painted glue clumps on his bum and he invites you to pull it off. They call him Pablo Pickasso


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