Comedy Writers Rejoice. Your Jobs Are Not in Peril.

Email Sent in by Jessie:


I read your profile and I really like that pic of you on the blanket. Could you spread your legs a little wider next time? Do do do do do do do… cameltoe!

I hope you have a good sense of humor! About me I'm an aspiring comedian who loves seeing people doing funny things. It looks like you've had a lot of fun times. Tell me about some of them. I promise to not steal them for my comedy! Other times when your legs were widespread would be a good place to start,

There was one time when I caught a woman stealing tight pants from a dollar store. I mean, come on! If you're going to be stealing something from a dollar store, at least steal something worth over a dollar!

Send me more pics and I'll write some jokes about them. All for free, no matter how many you send. In exchange, you take me out on a date! We're living in progressive times, right!

To happily ever after?



  1. George Carlin he ain't.

  2. ^ True...the OP is still very much alive.
    Just not funny.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You can't write "All for free" then add "In exchange".

  5. "Free" is still too expensive.


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