Sometimes, the Warning Signs Are Obvious

Email Sent in by Erin:

My dear sweet Erin!! Where have you been? Why have you not written me back?? I wrote you a week ago and perhaps it's been lost in the internet? But the site tells me that it was delivered and that the email system is working fine!!

Maybe you missed it?? That would be my next logical guess?? Maybe you skimmed over your emailbox because it looks like you've been online since I sent it!!

Next guess is that you ignored it!! But why?? I wrote you nothing but nice things and pleasant words. Maybe you think I will break into your house with a knife and chainsaw and use them on you and everything else in your house? Then I will kill your neighbors and your neighbors's friends and relatives and then everyone in town I will kill and paint SHE SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN ME BACK in blood all over the streets? No I will not do that of course but answer me please.



  1. Well, I'm convinced. What's his okc handle?

  2. This guy is every mothers dream, who doesn't want a potential serial killer with her daughter??


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