Say Uncle

Profile Sent in by Casey:

The six things I can't live without:

Bunny ears........ cat ears..... devil horns..... anything worn on head. I like pictures of people in them and I will wear them myself for u. I also can't live without my family unless my family stops cooking toblerone soup. They will not stop.

Other things I can't live without? Windows because I love sunlight and sunscreen because I hate sunshine. A nice grocery basket at the super market every now and then would be nice. Mine always wobble like my uncle at reunions. Stupid drunk bastard. He should not be on my list. Can def live without him.

Can't live without zippers. Don't want my parts hanging out for people to take. Stupid goddam uncle.


  1. I must have Toblerone soup.

  2. Why and what is that?

  3. Toblerone soup sounds disgusting. I think someone was diddled by their uncle, as Dane Cook might say.

  4. This profile ravishes me. But in a good way, not like my stupid drunkle.

  5. I couldn't find a recipe for Toblerone soup. It sounds amazing though. Who will take this women on a date so we can all find out the recipe?

  6. Toblerone is chocolate... I love chocolate just as much as the next fat chick, but chocolate soup?? Ew.

  7. I love Windows too, its much more user friendly than Linux.

  8. I also love sunlight but hate sunshine.

  9. How is this a bad profile?
    I love it!

  10. Maybe this is what he's calling "Toblerone Soup":



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