Or a Goddess of Vapidity

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About me:

My moods match the weather. My friends call me the 'weather girl' lol. Sometimes I think I can control the weather with my moods lol. Watch out when I'm pissy lol!

When I'm real mad hurricanes happen usually when I have a boyfriend now why would that be lol? K maybe it's because they all piss me off lol? If you don't like my profile just let me know….. I may make it rain all over your house. You could wake up in a swamp lol! I want to go to a place that's sunny all year and make it rain so that the tribal peoples wil think I'm a rain goddess! Rain rain go away they will say and I will say no bring me riches!

It rains forever on exboy's house.


  1. Major overuse of lol. As far as I'm concerned even one is too many.

  2. ^ I agree so much, I was going to comment that but you beat me too it.

  3. ^^Agreed....if you have to write LOL...what you are saying usually isn't very funny.

  4. I always thought "LOL" was a response, not something you type while writing something you think is funny.

  5. Too much television, not enough school and deadbeat parents often result in statements like, "when I'm mad hurricanes happen" spoken without a hint of self-consciousness or irony.

    I only use "lol" when chatting online. I mix it up with "hehe" and others though.


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