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This is going to sound really weird but I'm going to say it anyway. I was on a date site about five years ago and met a guy off of it who was great and fantastic and evertything I ever wanted. He was about 6'2" he said his name was Greg.

I am looking for Greg.

I later found out that his name wasn't "Greg" and he never responded to my texts, messages, or phone calls. I'm sure it was all just a misunderstanding (we had a small argument on our first and only date) but I am looking for a guy who calls himself Greg (or ever did) and is 6'2". He said he worked on a farm.

First thing I will do is scream his head off for deserting me for so long, leading me on such a wild goose chase! Then I will give him the silent treatment (see how he likes it!) but in the end I'm sure I will embrace him and tell him that I forgive him for everything! Email me if you know him please.


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