I'm Glad We Cleared That Up

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About me:

Nothing pleases me more than some good music. I swear that the right music can make me do almost anything. I have a friend let's call her "Mary" and she'd rip her pants off for any guy who played her some Velvet Revolver. She regretted it the time the guy she ripped her pants off for had an STD. Ahahahahahahahaha!

Btw: I have received emails asking me if I am Mary. No I am NOT. Reading comprehension, people!


  1. I wonder what she'd do if someone played a band that DOESN'T suck?

  2. She should go out with that guy a few weeks ago who had a problem with music making him harass his date.

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  4. I knew a girl like that once. She said Britney Spears's music did it for her.

  5. Whenever I play Chris Brown's music, this one girl I dated named Rihanna thought I was going to punch her...weird.
    Does Chris have a 'greatest hits' CD?


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