The Dogs Also Taught Me English

Email Sent in by Jason:

yeah i been to sf. that where ur photos were taken? when i was there i was chasen by dogs and they ran me out of town! these same dogs always chase me when i go. my mother lived there for a while so i lived there to and there were these chasen dogs.

one time one caught up to me and growled and i growled back and it growled and i growled back again and it ran off! the dogs didnt bother me nemore after that but it taut me the valuble lesson of braveness in the face of danger. i treat working with people the same way. some come after you teeth all floppy and then u growl back and they run off! dont like doin that but people do what people do know what im sayin?

enough about me and dogs and growling back at dogs like i did in sf. what do u do??



  1. We clearly still need to cut our education budget. As the many emails and profiles suggest, our young people have all been "taut the valuble" lesson already.

  2. Rarely is the question asked: Is our children chasen?

  3. Dear Kerrie,

    My job title is Director of Avoiding Crazy Bitches.


  4. Okay, crazy, fine, but . . . teeth all floppy?

    In what possible situation could someone come at you with floppy teeth?

  5. ^ I just don't know the answer to that question.

    Honestly, the moral of the story is a good one, but Jesus Christ does this girl need a proofreader.

  6. Am I the only one who was thinking of floppy disks when he said floppy teeth?


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