The Cylons Are Already Here

Email Sent in by Audrina:

hOw WoUlD yOu lIkE tO dAtE a DeMeNtEd gUY? i hAvE eVeRy sEaSoN oF bAtTtLesTaR gAlAcTiCuS oN tApE. tHe oRIGIgNAl sErIes oF cOuRsE. wE cAn wAtCh tHeM aLl aNd tHrOw pApEr aIrPlAnEs aT eAch oThEr wHen the cylons…. okay I'm going to level with you it's so tiring to write messages like that! Some caps, some lowercase, just the alternations are taking me forever when all I want to do is TALK like a PERSON bUt tHeY wOnT lEt mE tAlK!!!uUNNUnNNnnNNNNNGGGGhGGGGHgggGHHHHHHhhhhhhHhh--0s0sdsipdipdipDMDMQ00101 736c6565702077697468206d65



  1. If he'd only said "Galactica" instead of "Galacticus"... I'd be on board for some original-series watching even if he did type like that. The self-designation as 'demented' is pretty irritating, though.

  2. My eyes vomited at that. I couldn't even read it.

  3. Is it wrong that I find myself instinctively wanting to beat the crap out of this person? Not because I think he's demented, just because he's a tool who's trying too hard. That doesn't make me a bad person, does it?

  4. ^I think it's wrong that you are allowed to breath oxygen and live.

  5. Yes!!! Cori's back! I missed you so much, my lil ol' anus!

  6. In today's lesson: don't post when high.


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