Clean Up in Aisle Six

Story Sent in by Joe:

Dana and I worked in a local supermarket. Reggie was an assistant manager who also worked there, and he was not too well-liked. Dana and I were friendly, and from the moment I first saw her, I liked her. I could never tell if she liked me back, but I didn't want to make things uncomfortable at work, so I kept my mouth shut.

We had been working there for several months when I heard a rumor from another coworker that Dana and Reggie had hooked up after hours. The rumor had spread to most of the employees, of course. It was never confirmed or denied by anyone, and I wanted to stay out of the drama, so I distanced myself considerably from Dana.

One day, after my shift was over, Dana approached me and asked, "Hey, I'm off in an hour. Do you think we could go someplace and talk?"

Although I was wary of workplace politics, I still really liked her. I told her to meet me at a cafe across town.

She showed up and we talked about everything except for work. She seemed very interested in me, asked me if I had a girlfriend, and touched me a few times as we spoke. I was painfully curious about the rumor, but turns out, I didn't have to bring it up.

We moved on to a bar, sat down, and Dana pounded back several drinks. She opened up about work and said, "I know there are rumors about me, but none of them are true. I would never do anything with Reggie or any of those other assholes. I think I'm going to quit. My life has been hell for the past year and a half…"

She went on about a bad breakup she had over a year earlier, sobbed about a deceased family member, two disagreements with landlords, and so on. It was a sad story, and she inched closer and closer to me as she told it. I didn't want to take advantage of her while she was down, and so I fought my rather strong urges.

Ultimately, she was within easy kissing distance, and she leaned her head against me. She went on, "And now these rumors at work." She picked up her head and looked at me. "I never hooked up with him. I never hooked up with Reggie or anyone else there. Do you believe me?"

I said, "Yes," and I did. Or at least, I wanted to.

She put a hand on my face and we kissed for a good ten seconds before she broke contact.

She groaned and it turned into a laugh, which soon died away. She said, "I went down on him. Three times." She giggled again.

I slid away from her. She didn't seem to notice and continued, "He really is an asshole." She then rested her head back and closed her eyes. "Mmmmm… what an asshole…"

I left her there, and aside from the bare minimum of pleasantries at work, I never made an effort to speak to her again. She quit not long after that, after an in-store blowout with one of the non-Reggie managers.


  1. I'm not a big fan of drama. Good call, OP.

  2. If going down on a guy 3 times is 'NOT' doing something with a guy
    ...I want her to NOT do something with me. She doesn't even have to NOT swallow.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. An "in-store blowout?" Or an "in-store blowJOB?"

  5. I swear, I did not have relations with that man. Yet another case of oral sex being considered not sex.

  6. OP did the right thing, no one needs a drama llama in their life.


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