The Chairs Are Comfy, But Stained

Profile Sent in by Alli:

About me:

I was in my local library and thought what the hell I'll write a profile!

So about me? Um I guess I like my local library and writing this profile. What do you like?

Any library is fine I live in my local one. Great place to make a profile. So about me? I spend a lot of time in my library.

I know probably the library better than stupid librarians. I always ask them for a job and they say you have to study in school and not live in a library if you want to work in a library. Duh a library is like a school and you can study in it and it's easy to sleep in, lol.

Library and for food I always go to city hall they have free sandwiches every day. Simple man with life and pleasures well that's me tell me about you?


  1. ...I normally like laughing at the idiots we see here, but this homeless guys profile is so sad it touched a deep chord of humanity within me. Damnit Jared! Stop the inappropriate touching!

  2. Library joke:
    In a library, a blonde asked a librarian, "Do you sell cheese burger here?"
    The librarian looked puzzled, then replied, "Ma'am, this is a library."
    The blonde apologized, then whispered, "Do you sell cheese burger here?"

  3. I would like to live in a library. Free sandwiches would get old though... This guy does sound more content with his life than I am, though. That's the sad part.


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