Why You Should Never Show a Work in Progress

Profile Sent in by Lucinda:

About Me:

It always got on my nerves when I was told that my last relationship failed. Failed...says who? Failed? What?! Just because she ended up hating my guts, you mean? Just because my best friend became my worst enemy, and dragged my name through the mud for years, and could not hear my name without spitting on the ground? You call that failure?

My interests. How much suffering can and man endure for his beliefs? What really defines true luxury? Would a man murder his own family and then change his name for the good of his own family? What is the price for intermingling "royal" blood with that of "lesser mudbloods"? The truth may be stranger than any fiction you might've read and I absolutely love learning the why behind the what.

Music choices:
Rap: These days, with the Secret Society powers that be running things, it's more about profanity and preaching insatiable levels of ultra-consumerism.

Classical: To me, this is the luxury of the musical world. Traditional instruments (the sort that were used before synthesizers arrived on the scene)are skillfully played alone or as part of an orchestra. The music is typically well thought out to bring out the very best sound in each instrument used. Favorite examples: Mozart, Beethovan, Vivaldi, John Mock (these are composers)

* My profile is a work in progress so I'm always updating it.


  1. I'm confused how the "My Interests" part is supposed to describe his interests at all.

  2. I think that's natural and/or intentional. Dude sounds confused.

  3. Did he just use "mudbloods" outside of a Harry Potter book? I'm a fan and all, but that was meant to be a racist, derogatory term, not something to be adopted by "muggles" to use on their confusing profiles.

  4. "Would a man murder his own family and then change his name for the good of his own family?"

    John List, is that you?

  5. "Mudblood" is a racist term outside the Wubbulous World of Harry Potter. (*Spits on ground after saying his name*) My dad's a racist, so believe me, I sadly know what I'm talking about.

  6. I didn't know that, but he seems to be referencing something or other, so I assumed it was an HP book.

  7. Secret Society powers...they be runnin' things, yo.

    Plus, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and of course, John Mock...? A true connoisseur.

  8. Favorite examples: Mozart, Beethovan, Vivaldi, John Mock (these are composers)

    Okay, my favorite line of the whole thing is: (these are composers) I'll admit I've not heard of John Mock, but people don't know that Mozart, Beethoven, and Vivaldi are composers? All right, they may not know about Vivaldi (who is one of my favorites), but...anyway...


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